Creating Compelling Scenes For Indie Filmmakers


In this webinar, we’ll be outlining and designing your sequences utilizing simple methods in your screenwriting software. We will use basic writing strategies to create a beginning, middle and end to your scenes including the creation of your plan and execution of your information in an engaging way.

We will discuss how to make the information in your script / proposal engaging and entertaining by focusing on tension, conflict and resolution. These techniques can be used in any genre including narrative, documentary, corporate, marketing or any other type of stories you are telling.

  • Examining our information from a compelling story’s perspective.
  • The beginning middle and end. What should happen when?
  • How to approach an outline.
  • Going from outline to specific scenes.
  • Looking for places to create conflict.
  • Story arc, what is it?
  • Active Scene VS Passive Scene.
  • Making your material exciting.
  • How to make your action scenes also character scenes.
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Please contact us if you have any questions