Format Conversion For File-Based Workflows


Historically, standards conversions have enjoyed the simplicity of baseband hardware and tape environments; allowing content providers the tools to easily create a universal delivery medium (tape) for addressing the play-out needs of different countries and venues. With file-based workflows becoming ubiquitous, there is little appetite to use older, baseband technologies and there is pent-up demand for 100% file based solutions that can work with everyone’s “standard” CODEC.

In this webinar, we will go over essential tools, techniques and operations that are needed to produce quality transcodes and how the latest technologies can simplify some of the frame mechanics issues that would normally cause transcodes to fail.

  • Why are standards important?
  • Pal/NTSC Conversion.
  • Closed caption preservation and insertion.
  • Motion Estimated Rate Conversions.
  • Cadence Correction.
  • Mode Normalization.
  • Transcoding Workflow.
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