Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts


Becoming familiar with keyboard shortcuts and the elegant workflows that arise out of them is the single best way to improve your technical skills as an editor. When an editor can quickly, easily and confidently manipulate their editing assets and make changes to their timeline, they are free to explore more creative possibilities and spend more of their valuable time on the aesthetic and storytelling aspects of editing.

For the editor who works alone, efficient workflow will give them a lot of their life back and they’ll spend less time doing the same tasks over and over. For an editor who works on a team or alongside a Producer, the ability to confidently and rapidly wrangle assets and edit points and try out different requested approaches will make them a more valuable and sought-out partner.

Just as a concert pianist needs to have an intuitive intimacy with their keyboard, the modern video editor needs to embrace and master their software in order to make good art. An editor who is comfortable with the stock keyboard and FCP configuration will find it easy to sit down in any edit bay and work at peak efficiency.

This webinar will focus not only on which shortcuts are the most valuable and essential, but it will tie them together into organized, logical workflows. Once you become familiar with the basic shortcuts, you’ll see how the FCP interface has been designed to optimize keyboard editing.

We’ll emphasize industry standard workflows from project organization to rough cut to fine cut to final cut and you’ll learn where and when to focus on the various editing steps like edit point trimming, application of effects, basic color correction and audio adjustments.

While you will need to continue to practice and adapt to the “shortcutter” methodology, this webinar will set the agenda for you and open your eyes to the possibilities. By seeing the shortcuts in context, you will be more able to recall them and practice them in your own work.

  • Pre-edit and Assistant Editor” workfows and shortcuts
  • Organizing your projects and the “”shift Q”” lifestyle
  • Setting up and navigating your FCP interface
  • Capturing and transferring source content
  • Browser management and asset review
  • How to Rough Cut with Shortcuts
  • Working with clips in the Browser and Viewer
  • The ideal shortcut workflow for laying down a rough cut
  • Learn how to save time by keeping the rough cut rough
  • Fine Cutting and getting to the “”Final Cut”” with shortcuts
  • Using the amazing keyboard tools to review”
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