Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts


Whether you’re new to Final Cut Pro or a seasoned FCP Studio editor, the new workflows and keyboard shortcuts that drive Final Cut Pro X are critical to learn and use if you want to be an efficient and confident FCP X editor.

Just as a concert pianist needs to have an intuitive intimacy with their keyboard, the modern video editor needs to embrace and master their software in order to make good art. An editor who is comfortable with the stock keyboard and FCP configuration will find it easy to sit down in any edit bay and work at peak efficiency.

In this webinar, we’ll focus not only on which shortcuts are the most valuable and essential for an efficient and fast edit session, but we’ll tie them together into organized, logical workflows. The secret to smooth editing in Final Cut Pro X with shortcuts is to have a plan.

  • Pre-edit and ‘Assistant Editor’ workfows and shortcuts.
  • Editing process shortcuts in the FCP X environment.
  • Fine cutting and getting to the ‘final cut’ with shortcuts.
  • Output and distribution shortcuts.
  • Additional notes and suggestions.
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