Final Cut Pro X Multicam Editing


Final Cut Pro X added a comprehensive tool for working with multicamera shoots. This new multicam capability presents a number of new tools for synchronizing different camera angles to create a Multicamera Clip, managing angles once they are synced and actually editing the multicamera shoot once all the housekeeping tasks of multicam are complete. It was a chance for Apple to rethink exactly how multicam worked in Final Cut Pro 7 and that’s exactly what they did.

Two new tools make multicamera editing in Final Cut Pro X both fast and fun: The Angle Editor allows the editor to see all the synchronized angles at once, adjust sync, add filters and effects as well as add or remove angles at any point in the editing process. The Angle Viewer provides a new way to view Multicamera Clips viewing either a few angles or many angles at the same time while editing. Switching angles can be done by either the mouse or with keyboard shortcuts.

In this webinar, we’ll take an indepth look at the Angel Editor, the Angel viewer and all the other tools included in the new version of FCP X for Multicam editing.

  • Organizing media for multicamera editing.
  • Syncing the cameras to create a Multicamera Clip.
  • Working in the Angle Editor.
  • The Multicamera Clip in the timeline.
  • Using the Angle Viewer to make camera switches and shot selection.
  • Other techniques for working with Multicamera Clips.
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