Fixing It In Post: Common Sound Issues


As a director, knowing how to communicate with your sound editor to fix issues is extremely important. This webinar will touch on how to fix, or how to communicate how to fix, several common issues that arise when trying to capture good sound. Using creative production dialogue editing, adding sound effects for maximum story-telling, and ADR or “looping” for creative solutions to problem areas.

  • Understanding how sound is captured on the set.
  • Fixing many issues that arise on set.
  • Fixing off mic dialogue, snaps and pops within words, and bad ambient background sound.
  • Editors versus mixers.
  • Communicating your ideas for your film to a sound editor.
  • When to ADR? How to use ADR to your advantage.
  • Staying involved in the sound editing process.
  • Budgeting for post sound.
  • Creating the feeling of big productions using sound effects.
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