How to Set Up Your Monitors


Calibrating a monitor’s display is hard enough but trying to match multiple monitor displays is even worse. To make matters more complicated, mixing multiple brands of monitors or even an older model the same manufacturer’s latest offering will be challenging since the colors won’t likely match.
If we add the complexity of working with LOG or RAW video to the mix that adds another layer of issues. Are you sending a LUT’ed image from the camera, should you use a LUT on the monitor, can you rely on a LUT looking the same on different monitors and how do you judge exposure properly off the monitor. If you don’t have a system in place for your monitoring of the footage on set then you are headed for trouble.

This webinar will walk you through the practical steps of setting up your monitors.

  • Color calibrating your monitor.
  • Matching multiple monitors.
  • Know when you can monitor a LUT image being sent to a monitor vs. installing a LUT on your monitor
  • Understand when to use a monitor as a framing tool vs. relying on it for accurate color and exposure details.
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