Lesser Known Benefits of XDCAM: From Acquisition to Archival


Many of you may know of Sony’s XDCAM optical disc format as an alternative to tape-based recording, but did you know its many other uses and the other powerful tools in the lineup? Being the only digital file recording format that enables a tape-like mentality, the XDCAM format is flexible like none other. We’ll cover all the tools and lay out many ways in which productions are leveraging these tools for acquisition, edit, delivery and archive. We’ll also cover Sony’s exciting new alternative to LTO, further leveraging the benefits of this non-linear media.

  • Quick overview on the XDCAM Optical (Professional Disc) format.
  • Benefits of utilizing the Professional Disc media.
  • Lesser known tools within the XDCAM family.
  • Who is Using XDCAM’s Professional Disc Media.
  • Workflow Examples.
  • An introduction into Sony’s Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Solution.
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