Create a Website Without Writing Code Using Adobe Muse Part 1


Many of us in the Film Making Community are driven by our creativity, even if supported by technical skills. Adobe has a little known tool perfectly catered to us. “Muse” allows you to produce unique and dynamic websites focused on design, without having to know a thing about writing code. In this Webinar you will learn how to easily create your own impressive site using this simple software tool included free with your Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription.

  • Adobe CS6 & Creative Cloud – All the Software Tools You Need in One Place!
  • Adobe Muse Overview.
  • Website Planning: Wireframing & Site Navigation.
  • Designing Your Site – Adding Assets, Layout and Functionality.
  • Previewing, Publishing, & Managing Your Site.
  • MetaData, Keywords & Optimizing Your Site For Search Engines.
  • Mobile Versions of your site with a simple push of a button.
  • Enhancing Your Site – Seamless Integration with Photoshop & Dreamweaver.
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