Script-Based Editing is Avid’s Untapped Ecosystem


One of Avid Media Composer’s shining gems for narrative editing is its Script-Based Editing interface. It allows editors to click on words in a film, TV show or documentary’s script and jump right to the corresponding video itself. Scripts or interview transcripts are synced-up manually by an assistant editor, or automatically using ScriptSync (an option in Media Composer). Editors discover this often-overlooked aspect of Media Composer, and never look back.

  • What editing is like without Avid Script-Based Editing
  • What is SBE?
  • How to produce for an edit using SBE
  • How an edit can live inside of the script”
  • Under the hood – how it works
  • ScriptSync and PhraseFind
  • Does it seem outdated? Or is it just me?
  • SBE scripts as reference materials
  • Tips”
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