Streamlining Workflows with Network Attached Storage


Workflows for Production & Post require that individuals remain connected. From Scripts and Budgets to Graphics and Timecards, sharing information is a cornerstone of filmmaking at any level. Network Attached Storage solutions allow small and medium sized productions to share their files in a simple, cost effective manner, with minimal disruption and without hiring an IT professional to install.

Join Gary Adcock as he delves into using LaCie’s NAS Pro as the shared collaboration point on a recent project, where a 16TB LaCie NAS Pro allowed both the Mac’s and PC’s in his office to seamlessly share scheduling, graphics, music and imagery continuously over the 6 week production schedule. Eliminating an error prone sneaker net by maintaining a single set of master art, music and graphics files available to multiple users simultaneously without regard to platform or device.

  • SAN vs. NAS
  • LaCie’s one button NAS setup and configuration
  • Simplify Cross Platform Connectivity
  • Elegantly easy to use
  • File Sharing Basics
  • Tips and Tricks for Network Attached Storage

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