The Secret Science of Video Storage in a 4K World


Digital storage technology (i.e. hard drives, RAIDs, SAN, NAS, etc.) employed by the media and entertainment sectors has evolved at an incredibly rapid pace over just a few decades, and the price of that storage has also dropped precipitously as well. And, as the price per gigabyte/terabyte has fallen, and as tapeless production and post workflows have become the norm, there has never been a greater need for high-speed mass storage and asset protection as there is today.

However, as the number of digital video files and file sizes continue to grow, there is also more confusion about digital storage than ever before, and it is impacting every media company and every one of us in every facet of the industry in ways we’d never imagined.

Join presenter David Roth Weiss as he clarifies digital storage confusion and dispels many of the myths about hard drives, RAIDs, system performance, and the long-term protection of our valuable digital assets as we move into the 4K world and beyond.

  • Navigating the 4K World ahead.
  • The various engines that drive your NLE.
  • What constitutes good enough?
  • The Science of Selecting a Suitable Hard Drive Subsystem.
  • What you need to know about RAIDs, and SAN vs. NAS.
  • Best practices – three tiered storage and why everyone needs it.

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