Understanding IP Video: How the Internet is Changing Video Production


Video Production and Post is heading off another cliff, instead of propriety cabling and embedded signals, we move to the future by shedding legacy connectivity and embracing IP (internet protocol) connectivity more commonly found in video security systems.

IP Video has the potential to change everything, native IP video is common in security systems and broadcast environs, where Sony, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Canon, Ikegami and others already have IP enabled camera systems today. Join Gary Adcock while he demystifies IP video and explains the best and worst parts of the IP Video revolution.

• What is IP Video and how will it affect non-broadcasters?

• What are the advantages of IP production over traditional SDI based solutions?

• What are the disadvantages for smaller facilities?

• What infrastructure changes will be required?

• What does this mean for the future?

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