How to Upsell Services to your Clients


Sales?!  As creatives that is often a four letter word.  Creatives are not known for being the best at sales or promoting themselves.  So if that sounds like you and trying to go out and land new clients seems like a root canal maybe consider something a little less painful – upselling your existing clients!

Yes that still is using the word sales but believe me increasing your services to your existing clients is way easier and after this webinar may not even feel like selling to them.  In this webinar I will go over the best ways to add value to your clients, offer new services, get additional rental gear on your jobs and even secure more work on an ongoing basis.
-How to talk to your client about their needs

-“Showing” your clients the things you can do they may not know you offer

-Asking the right questions that leads you to new opportunities.

-Straight up asking them for work (but not in a way you might think)

I’d like you to think of this as more of a question and answer session with your clients that will lead to new revenue rather than you doing sales.  In the end the better you can understand your clients needs and communicate your skills will result in more work (i.e. money) for you and a happier client in the end.  It’s a true win – win.

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