Video Compression for iDevices


Knowing how to compress video for efficient playback via iDevices, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV, is something that most producers need to know how to handle. Audiences today are savvier; expect a higher quality playback via their iDevices and demand quick download (or streaming) speeds.

This webinar will detail the playback specs while sharing the strategies used by prominent producers to serve the complete range of installed iDevices. We’ll also cover wireless delivery, with a technical description of Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming, including recommendations for most efficient encoding. Finally, we’ll review encoding options for HTTP Live Streaming including techniques for serving multiple target platforms such as Flash and iDevices with one set of encoded H.264 files.

  • A quick overview of H.264.
  • Tethered delivery via iTunes.
  • Best practices & compression recipes for iPods, iPads and iPhones.
  • Wireless / cellular deliver to connected iDevices.
  • Overview & producing HTTP Live Streaming.
  • Strategies for supporting computers and iDevices with a single stream.
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