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Jan Ozer


About Me

Jan Ozer has produced and encoded video since the CD-ROM days (1992) and has taught courses in video and streaming production since 1994—most recently at StreamingMedia Seminars in New York, San Jose, Los Angeles and London, and for private organizations like Cisco, Lockheed and Johns Hopkins University. Jan was named a StreamingMedia All Star in 2010. Jan is a contributing editor of StreamingMedia Magazine and EventDV and blogs for AV Technology Magazine. He has has written or co-authored 14 books on digital video related topics, including the Hands-On Guide to Flash Video: Web Video and Flash Media Server with Stefan Richter, and most recently, Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5. Jan shoots, edits and produces DVDs, live webcasts and streaming media for concerts, ballets and other events. He also produces training videos for local artisans, as well as screencam presentations for multiple organizations, including Roxio, StreamingMedia Magazine, and EventDV. He also blogs at
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