Visual Effects on a Limited Budget


This webinar is aimed at filmmakers who have need of visual effects to tell their story but lack a blockbuster (or anything close) budget. Legendary visual effects supervisor Scott Squires will take the audience through many tips and techniques to get the most out of whatever budget you may be forced to work around. He will cover the value of visual effects, why they are expensive and how to approach projects to get the most out of your visual effects.

You won’t necessarily be able to create Avatar yourself for $10 after watching this webinar but you better understand how to deal with visual effects as a filmmaker in a productive manner.

  • Does your story need visual effects.
  • What’s actually involved in creating visual effects.
  • Avoiding mistakes that leads to costly and low quality effects.
  • Designing shots and sequences to make efficient use of visual effects.
  • What production needs to consider when planning for visual effects.
  • Pre-production through post-production.
  • Alternate solutions and approaches.
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