Shooting Great Stereoscopic 3d


Have you ever come out of a 3D movie and wondered why your eyes feel strained or tired? Find out how to avoid that in this webinar which is aimed at filmmakers who want to shoot and post enticing stereoscopic 3D footage with either 3D cameras or two-camera beam-splitter rigs.

Learn the proper methods of shooting high-quality stereoscopic 3D from acclaimed stereo-cinematographer Tim Dashwood. He will guide you through the proper stereoscopic 3D terminology and basic concepts, and then move on to the important guidelines often misunderstood by beginners, and techniques utilized during post-production to maximize impact while alleviating eye strain on the audience.

  • Stereoscopic 3D Terminology.
  • Basic Stereoscopic Concepts.
  • Respecting Parallax Budget for maximum audience ‘thrill’ with no eye strain.
  • Intermediate Concepts and Techniques for the professional stereographer and post-supervisor.
  • Limits of the Stereo Window and how to utilize the floating window method.
  • Basic 3D Algebraic Equations to keep handy.
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