What’s So Hot About Nuke?


You’ve heard about Nuke and how it is taking the visual effects industry by storm. You’ve heard that Nuke site licenses have been purchased by such VFX power hitters as ILM and Weta Digital. But what is it exactly that makes Nuke so much more powerful than any other compositing programs?

In this webinar Steve Wright will lift the hood of Nuke and reveal those unique features that make it the power-on winner in the VFX community. This is NOT a sales presentation designed to get you to buy Nuke, but a hands-on revelation of the production power of Nuke by a senior production artist. Attend this one-hour webinar and you will find out exactly What’s so Hot About Nuke!

  • Linear lightspace.
  • High dynamic range (HDR) images.
  • The precision of 32 bit float.
  • Nuke’s 3D world.
  • The power of 3D compositing.
  • Doing more 3D in 2D.
  • Three amazing keyers.
  • Spectacular color correction.
  • A thousand channels.
  • Compositing log images made easy.
  • Multi-pass cgi compositing.
  • How Nuke integrates with 3D production.
  • Faster more efficient VFX production pipelines.
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