Working With Green Screen Shots


Greenscreen and bluescreen shots used to be the domain of high-end feature films and television shows, but no more. Corporate communications, training, marketing and other types of web videos are now making wide use of greenscreens to take their productions to the next level. Learn how greenscreen shots work, how to shoot them properly and most importantly, how to work with them during post-production to get the cleanest looking videos.

Taught by Steve Wright, an industry leader in visual effects and compositing, this webinar will help you avoid the mistakes that busts budgets and ruin quality.

  • How greenscreen shots work
  • What to use – green or blue?
  • Lighting the greenscreen stage
  • What to use as the greenscreen?
  • Special video camera issues
  • Motion tracking considerations
  • Compositing greenscreens
  • How greenscreen keyers work
  • How greenscreen keyers don’t work
  • Managing spill suppression
  • Photorealistic compositing
  • Compressing for web and mobile device delivery
  • Closing
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