Video Compression Recipes


Video compression is one of those elusive crafts that can quickly botch an otherwise perfect project. There are so many variables that can go wrong that users quickly become frustrated by how to solve their problem and just get their content completed. On top of this, technologies change so rapidly today that often best practices from even a few months ago may be out of date and replaced by new and improved workflows. The solution is a basic understanding of video and a grounding in the software and hardware required to get the job done.

In this webinar, Andy Beach will walk us through some fundamentals of video compression, then show us how to apply them in some of today’s most popular applications including Telestream’s Episode Pro among others. Those new to compression will gain knowledge as well as old hands looking for new “recipes”, processes and workflows to improve how they do their job.

  • Video Compression Fundamentals
  • Platforms, Formats, & Codecs
  • Trends in Online Media
  • Compression Tools
  • Telestream Episode Pro Overview
  • Understanding Filters
  • Compression Recipes for the Web
  • Compression Recipes for Mobile
  • Automating your Workflow
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