Working with Behaviors Inside Apple Motion


Many Apple Motion users and motion graphic designers who are making the switch to Motion can find the keyframing in Motion to be a little tricky. That’s where Motion behaviors come in.

Motion behaviors are a fantastic way to auto animate elements in your timeline, and save you and your client, a lot of time, headaches and money by being able to get the job done faster and smoother!

In this webinar we’ll build a real world Motion project to show you what behaviors are, when and when not to use them, the difference between 2D and 3D behaviors plus much more.

  • Why use behaviors? Keyframes vs. Behaviors.
  • Behaviors and the HUD.
  • Basic motion behaviors.
  • Text behaviors.
  • Camera behaviors.
  • 2D vs 3D behaviors.
  • Crawls, scrolls and 24p behaviors.
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