Enhancing Your Production with Music & SFX


Music and sound effects are among the most effective ways of shaping your audience’s reaction to every scene in your production regardless of the type of production you are creating (e.g. a narrative film, television show, a documentary, a wedding video, or a corporate film).

In this webinar you’ll use storytelling techniques to determine what sort of music and sound will work to create the emotions you want the audience to experience, and how to “spot” those music cues and effects to have the maximum (and correct) impact on your film viewers. You’ll learn how to analyze a script, a scene and the beats within a scene, and how to create sound design and music that fulfills your audience’s needs.

  • Analyzing your story to get it ready for scoring and SFX.
  • Sound and music terminology.
  • How sound creates a world and tells story.
  • Spotting your music and sound effects.
  • How to talk to a composer or sound designer.
  • Using tools such as SmartSound and SoundtrackPro to create your score.
  • Making good use of your audio tracks.
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