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7 Essential After Effects Scripts | Easy Ease Ep. 1

As you familiarize yourself with After Effects, many tasks start getting tedious and repetitive. If you’re looking for a way…

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What You Might Have Missed in Media Composer 2018

This webinar is designed to show you a lot of great feature updates you might has missed with the monthly…

Techniques 3
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The Editor’s Guide to macOS Mojave

The newest Mac OS is here, and even though you may not have updated to it yet, there are a…

Techniques 4
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Getting Started with Blackmagic Design Fusion Inside Resolve 15

Fusion, BlackMagic Design’s compositing application, is now included for free (that’s right, Free!) inside of DaVinci Resolve 15, but how…

Techniques 5
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Working with HitFilm Pro

This webinar will give you an introductory look at HitFilm Pro, and why it’s a tool that editors should consider,…

Techniques 6
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Why Every Editor Needs Media Composer | First

Media Composer | First is a brand new video editing solution that provides free access to the same creative tools…

Techniques 7
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Titler Pro 5 for Media Composer Editors

This webinar will give Media Composer editors an introduction to Titler Pro 5, the newest version of TP from NewBlueFX.…

Techniques 8
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Mocha For Media Composer Editors

Get a brief overview of what Mocha is, how and why you should use it, as well as some operational…

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After Effects Bootcamp for Avid Editors Part 2

Editors wear tons of hats these days and, more and more, clients are asking editors to create motion graphics. In…

Techniques 10
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After Effects Bootcamp for Avid Editors Part 1

Editors wear tons of hats these days and, more and more, clients are asking editors to create motion graphics. In…

Techniques 11
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Get Up and Running with Media Composer 8

This webinar will familiarize you with many of the new feature updates in Media Composer 8 from the introduction of…

Techniques 12
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Advanced VFX in Avid Media Composer

Most people think that to do any type of visual effects when editing, you need to export your clips to…

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Killer Titles In Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

In this webinar, you’ll learn some great techniques for creating very cool looking motion graphic titles sequences. We’ll start by…

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After Effects CS6 Advanced Workflows

The release of After Effects CS6 bring many new features and workflows. In this webinar we will go in-depth, giving…

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Color Grading Advanced Techniques

Setting the mood of your edit doesn’t always come from a cut or dissolve. In many cases it’s the look…

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Avid Media Composer 6 Advanced Editing Techniques

Editors who have recently made the switch to Avid Media Composer may be up and running but have not been…

Techniques 18
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Motion 5 for Video Editors

With the release of FCP X came the release of Apple’s flagship motion graphic design application Motion 5. Unfortunately, Motion…

Techniques 19
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Working with Effects Inside Final Cut Pro X

This webinar will cover everything from the basic effects and plug-ins you use on a regular basis all the way…

Techniques 20
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Working with Behaviors Inside Apple Motion

Many Apple Motion users and motion graphic designers who are making the switch to Motion can find the keyframing in…

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Hollywood Style Motion Graphics Inside Apple Motion

Many people have a preconceived notion as to what Apple’s Motion is, and what it can do. This webinar will…

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Avid Media Composer 5 Bootcamp For Final Cut Pro Editors

As much as Final Cut Pro has made head ways into the post production world, Avid’s Media Composer still dominates…

Techniques 23
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Real World VFX In Your NLE Using Boris Continuum Complete

Who ever thought you could do real compositing inside Final Cut Pro or Avid? With Boris Continuum Complete, you can…

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Kevin P McAuliffe is a three time North American ProMax award winning editor, cutting on Media Composer for over 18 years. He is also one of the Senior Editor's at Extreme Reach Toronto in Toronto, Canada, with current clients including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and E1 Entertainment to name a few. He can also be found helping out on the Avid Community forums in the Media Composer & Symphony Get Started Fast forum.
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