Aperture 3 for Final Cut Pro Users


Final Cut Pro has many great features for editors, however, asset and media management is not one of them. Several solutions are available, but they are either difficult to use or costly to purchase. That’s where Aperture 3 can save the day.

Aperture was designed to be an easy to use fully featured photo editing and media management application for professional photographers. With the release of version 3 and it’s new video capabilities, it has become a tool you, the Final Cut Pro editor, can use for your video projects and libraries.

This webinar will take a look at two different asset management functions: Pre-editing and post-production. Pre-editing management includes organizing your shots, adding valuable metadata, choosing good takes, and getting the clips to Final Cut Pro.

Post-production management includes keeping track of all the various edits of a program you create, how they get used, and how to efficiently create different versions for various final viewing experiences.

Beyond that, we’ll also check out some of Aperture’s built in tools that can be used to solve problems that Final Cut Pro can’t handle as gracefully. We’ll see how we can use it to create story boards for your projects, how to share those story boards and how to use the Spot & Patch tool as an effective solution for cleaning up shots with visible dust on the lens.

Once you learn some of the intricacies of Aperture 3, you’ll realize what a great complement Aperture is to Final Cut Pro and wonder how you ever performed these tasks without it.

  • Storyboarding Your Project
  • Pre-editing Organization
  • Dust Busting Video Clips
  • Post-production Organization
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