Final Cut Pro 7 Bootcamp For Avid Editors


Whether you’re an Avid Editor working with Final Cut Pro for the first time, or have spent years struggling to get the software to behave more like your beloved Avid, this webinar is for you. Presenter Steve Kanter has been helping Avid Editors transition to Final Cut Pro for ten years, first as a technical editor and contributor for Diana Weynand’s book, Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors, and later as a trainer and on-site consultant for films, TV shows, broadcast networks and post facilities throughout Hollywood. In that time, he claims, he has heard “more complaints about how Final Cut Pro is not like the Avid than anyone else on earth,” although that statement is possibly a bit hyperbolic.

What is true is that in that time, Mr. Kanter has developed numerous techniques that allow Avid Editors to utilize Final Cut Pro in a very Avid-like manner, and in this 90 minute webinar he will share some of them with you. Learn how to bring Focus (literally) to your timeline editing, perform real-time slip and slide edits, and rearrange the interface, the keyboard, the windows, and most importantly, your own perception, so that working in Final Cut Pro is as comfortable and familiar as working on the Avid.

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