Editing Bootcamp: Get Organized!


Feature film editors have, for years, been working with their assistants to develop “the system.” These systems are designed to make it easy for every editor to work efficiently with anyone else who interacts with their projects – whether it be another editor, their directors, a composer, sound editors or visual effects houses. But even if you’re working on a micro-budget project, or doing the entire workflow process by yourself, taking some tips from the pros will help you to smooth out the thought processes and collaborations that you have in your daily work, whether it be on a scripted film or a documentary, a big budget or a no-budget project, a corporate or a wedding video.

This webinar, based in part on Norman Hollyn’s latest book “The Film Editing Room Handbook,” will show you that it’s not difficult to help yourself to get the maximum amount of artistic thinking time on any editing project. The key is to set up your editing interface and your project to the way that you work and the way that you need to work with others. You will be able to save time and energy, and avoid the embarrassment of hunting down that elusive piece of material, while your client is sitting behind you.

  • Finding and Losing Material
  • How Do You Think?
  • Clips and Sub-Clips
  • Folder/Bin Organization for a Scripted Narrative
  • Folder/Bin Organization for a Documentary
  • Duplicating Clips
  • Naming Conventions for Clips and Folders/Bins
  • Naming Conventions for Sequences
  • Naming Conventions for Projects
  • Timeline Organization Tips and Tricks
  • Exporting for Other People
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