Managing Challenging Productions (and Clients)


It’s been said “Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten,” and nowhere is this more evident then in the Entertainment Industry and Creative Arts. In both the kindergarten and film making playgrounds we find some cry, some yell, some hit, others don’t play fair or take the “it’s my ball I’m going home” approach, and yet others just want to get along and have a good time. The nature of our business involves dealing with various types of egos and personalities in an attempt to “wrangle cats” in order to deliver a successful end product without loosing our minds or worse our money, in the process.

In this Webinar we will go through a series of essential management tools to assist in keeping your production on course and practical methods for communication and motivation when working with the many character types that we encounter in our productions. We will look specifically at warning signs that a production is in trouble and how to get it back on track and keep team morale alive in the process. Even in the midst of chaos, you will learn some tried and true techniques that will allow you to succeed and be a hero to your clients and team.

  • Structuring deals that protect the interest of all parties and the production.
  • Checklists and questions to ask before, during and after the production.
  • Milestone concept for scheduling, payments and measuring results.
  • Getting projects back on track.
  • Your production management toolbox.
  • Communication styles for effective results.
  • Changes versus fixes.
  • Overages, approvals and buy-offs.
  • Cheaper, Faster, Better – pick two.
  • Task and role assignments.
  • Reading warning signs and how to avert disaster.
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