Storytelling with Final Cut Pro 7


Editors love to tell stories. And Final Cut Pro is a great tool to use for molding the footage you’ve shot into a story that is entertaining and even captivating. But it doesn’t help to use a comprehensive app like Final Cut Pro if you don’t know how to tap into the numerous ways in which FCP can help you organize, develop, craft, and cut together all the elements you will need to tell the story you want to tell.

In this webinar, Diana Weynand will inspire you to create a masterful story while utilizing specific features of FCP 7. She will show you how to organize, shape, refine, and share your sequence, and guide you through the process of utilizing FCP functions that may have been hiding from you or ignored. And like any great artistic master, you will learn to carve (or create) your own masterpiece one video clip at a time.

  • Streamline the ingest process (to import, capture, or transfer your footage)
  • Organize your project elements for easy retrieval
  • Bypass the Viewer and screen directly in the Timeline
  • ‘Chunk down’ your footage into Selects sequences
  • Cover jump cut edits with B-roll cutaways
  • Edit from the Timeline into a Browser bin
  • Use storyboard editing to shape your story
  • Nest sequence chunks into other sequences
  • Import and nest stills into a music montage
  • Shuffle and refine edits using FCP Tools
  • Create a quick audio mix
  • Customize effects throughout project
  • Share your story and sequence with others
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