VFX Plug-Ins Essentials: GenArts Sapphire Edition


When you’re entrusted with a big job from a major corporate client, you don’t always get the footage that you need to make it stand out. This challenge is all too familiar for Rob Birnholz, owner and Senior Editor and Designer of Absolute Motion Graphics, who is tasked every day with taking conventional, ordinary footage to new levels.

Join Rob, as he demonstrates tips and tricks on how he uses Adobe After Effects with GenArts Sapphire™ to bring, otherwise dull footage, to life for nationally recognized corporations. Rob will walk through the importance of using plug-ins and other tools to exceed his clients’ expectations while setting himself apart from other small shops.

Although this demonstration is done on After Effects, the same tips and techniques can be applied on other platforms such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, plus others.

  • Optimize image quality
  • Restore color from faded clips
  • Resize low resolution material
  • Make the unusable” usable
  • Save time
  • Improve the overall look of your work
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