Web Video Compression Techniques


Video has become an increasingly important part of the web experience for all of us. And yet, preparing our content for the web remains an elusive task that can leave content creators frustrated. Optimal compression settings constantly change – what worked even a year ago may be out of date due to recent innovations in codecs, resolutions, and general bandwidth availability of the viewer. Video compression is an ever-moving target and this webinar aims to help content creators remain current in this ever-changing industry.

In this webinar you will learn some of the most current video compression settings and trends being used, then we’ll show you how to use them to target specific users and websites. This will enable content creators to take advantage of these settings to optimize video for delivery both through personal websites and popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. We’ll even look at far reaching trends, such as 4K encoding for the web.

  • Optimal video settings for the web (codecs, formats, resolutions, data rates)
  • Encoding for your personal web site
  • Encoding for HTML5
  • Encoding for 720 & 1080p content for YouTube and Vimeo
  • Encoding for 4K content for the web
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